Monday, June 22, 2009

Blogs That Care- List Of Change

This last week, the List Of Change, an aggregate list of cause related blogs, was launched. I am happy to say that "Business That Cares", made it on the list along with almost 200 other blogs whose focus is social change.

Our goal here at "Business That Cares" is to inform, inspire, and help implement business philanthropy. While there are many philanthropic business ideas that we seek out to write about, the extent of the topic is so broad it is quite impossible to cover it all. I have identified specific blogs within the List Of Change, that focus on or at least touch upon the topics of business and CSR, social enterprise, and business philanthropy. These blogs cover everything from philanthropic businesses, to microlending organizations, to an array of new social ventures. They also discuss topics of significance like embedded philanthropy and rational philanthropic decisions.

Whether you are looking for ideas for engaging your business in philanthropy, or causes that your business can support, you are sure to find inspiration from these blogs on the List of Change.

Have Fun Do Good
Triple Pundit
Social Entrepreneurship at Change.Org
Fake Plastic Fish
Tactical Philanthropy
Charity Navigator ( for researching charities to give to)
Kenneth Cole's Awearness
Philanthropy 2173
The Fabulous Giver
The Causemopolitan
Giving City Austin

The other blogs listed all deserve a look for the great work that they are doing. Be sure to check them out for more inspiration about social change, and to learn about non-profits that you may wish to support.

It is important to note that List of Change is a self submitted list. There are many more blogs out there in the blogosphere with related topics that are worth reading. Some of them are referred to in the posts on "Business That Cares".

To read any of the blogs mentioned, go to the List Of Change. or click on the link above.

On Twitter, you can also follow List of Change for updates of the latest posts.


Sloane said...

Thank you for including my blog - The Causemopolitan - on your list of blogs to follow from List of Change!

It's quite an esteemed group I'm a part of. Been working on really good content, both personal stories and cause-based so I hope you are enjoying it!


Lalia Helmer said...

Hi Sloane,
Your blog is great and I am very impressed by your support of Kiva. Keep up the great writing. There is a lot of energy around promoting social change in the world and is great to be a part of this community.