I am sucker for anything that is inspirational to others to create positive change in the world and certainly the TED conferences have led the way in this movement. Which makes me so excited to be part of this event tomorrow! Thanks to my friend Christina McClure, the genius behind putting together a local TEDxYouth event in Palo Alto, I get to be a staff member with my very own t-shirt to wear tomorrow!  Hope I get to have time to send twitters #tedyouthday and #tedxyoutcastilleja, from the event in between directing kids to their appropriate destinations.

For a list of inspiring speakers check this site: http://www.tedxyouthcastilleja.com/

All the information for watching this event and all the livestream TEDxYouthDay events around the world is copied here from their website:

YES! You can be a part of TEDxYouth Day – Universal Children’s Day – anywhere in the world! We are expecting people from all over the world to join us for this exciting event which will take place simultaneously around the world this coming Saturday!
MEET US RIGHT HERE! Saturday, November 20 from 10 am to 5:30 pm PST and we can all watch the event together.


Also, if you want to check out the more than 60 other TEDxYouth events around the world, some of which will be livestreamed as well, go to http://www.tedxyouthday.com/events/