Monday, February 23, 2009

Mission Street Food, a charitable collaboration

So a "hot" new eating locale in San Francisco is called Misson Street Food. It started out selling high quality meals out of a truck and then graduated to renting a space from a Chinese restaurant one night a week, and now two. In the meantime every week a different new guest chef has been invited to cook, and the announcement for the upcoming menus are posted on their blog and their profits go to charity. Their profits fund local community projects as well as global causes such as "Groceries for Seniors", "charity:water"/ a non-profit project which has been providing clean water for people in developing countries, "Foodpantry" Kiva. org, and many others.

They describe the effort between themselves, the chefs, the restaurant they work with, as a charitable collaboration. Collaboration once again seems to be a very powerful way for business to do good.

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