Thursday, September 9, 2010

Philantronomics, a New Philanthropic, Pay It Forward, Business Model

uServio, is a network marketing company that provides a subscription service for Motivational Cd’s. uServio’s philanthropic business model is to give 50% of all subscription sale revenues to non-profit organizations across the United States. Subscription members are considered partners in the philanthropy.

They call this model, Philanthronomics. Their motto is "earn a living, by giving."

uServio’s cause supports children and families in need, and donates to charities such as The Ronald McDonald House Charities, His House Children's Home, Angel Pediatric Heart House. All of the philanthropies they donate to are well vetted and must apply for donations.

For more information about uServio, their philosophy, the charities they help, or subscriptions, contact:

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