Monday, May 18, 2009

Small Business Makes Pay It Forward Go Further

Small business owners may hesitate to give back to their communities because they feel their small amounts will not go very far.

But, the owner of a small business in Spokane Valley, WA, Call Realty, presented each of the employees with a 250.00 bonus at a weekly staff meeting. The stipulation of the bonus was that the employees were not to spend it on themselves; they needed to give it back to the community in any way they chose.

The employees took up the challenge of deciding who to give the money to and of finding creative ways where the money would go farther. Two of the employees pooled their money to host a charity benefit volleyball tournament, with the hopes of raising $1,000.00. Another employee is hoping to find local groceries to match the donations in gift cards for needy families. After assessing where the money would be of most benefit, another employee donated the $250.00 to the local Second Harvest Food Bank. She discovered that for every $100.00 received, Second Harvest could purchase $1,000.00 of food.

When you unleash people’s interest in helping out, their capabilities in researching best options, and the inspiration to create ways to multiply your giving, small amounts can add up to a lot more.

That doesn’t take into account the inspiration to others when watching the story on the local news station, or reading about it here.

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