Thursday, July 9, 2009

How To Get Your Kid's Room Clean and Donate To Charity

I never would have thought that cleaning my son's room could help charity and the environment, but now there is a business, Lamb Awards and Engravings a full service and awards company in Westminster, MD that can help me do precisely that.
My youngest child is off to college and it's time to bring out the trash cans, recycling bins and now postage boxes and stamps. All the old textbooks, notebooks, broken pencils and even the old trophies-you know the ones from the Little League or soccer teams from when he was five or six, have got to go.
After receiving phone calls year after year from customers asking about what to do with their old trophies, Lamb Awards came up with a recycling solution and charity program that gives these unwanted trophies a new home and a new purpose.
After stripping down the old trophies, they turn them into new ones and create sets that can be donated to non-profits that cannot afford to buy new ones.
Oh yes,they except plaques, medals.
We have plenty of those too.

I hope someday Lamb Awards and Engravings receives a trophy for innovative solutions in business philanthropy and helping the environment!

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