Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Partnerships Between Businesses, Non-Profits and Other Businesses

"It was heartening to discover than many businesses, despite their own financial hardships, are recognizing this fact. I learned this during my interview with Terry Kellogg, CEO of 1% For The Planet, a nonprofit whose sole purpose is to help businesses help the environment by providing a third-party seal of authenticity for their philanthropic efforts -- a Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval for the 21st century, if you will. One percent of total sales may not sound like a whole lot, but let me assure you that it can amount to quite a commitment, especially for businesses struggling during the economic downturn."

Partnerships between businesses and non-profits, businesses and other businesses, appear to be the most effective force for change. Even small businesses that feel their impact is no more than a drop in the bucket , by partnering with others can turn that drop into a ripple that can then turn into a wave, as Linda Resnick aptly put in this post.

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