Friday, November 13, 2009

How to Say No (and Yes)To Charity Requests

According to a recent Harris Poll report, there will be an expected decline in donations to charities this Holiday Season. What a time to post advice about how to say no to requests from charity! Yet strategic giving, whether it's in the form of personal giving or business philanthropy, requires careful planning and making the right choices to be effective and have the most impact. Businesses need to develop some well thought out responses to charitable solicitations that will make saying no easier on both parties. The better the plan, the clearer the reasons for saying no as well as saying yes, for that matter, will be.

Here are some great tips that work well for individual or business giving alike from author, Joann Cheung, in "How to Say No Charity Request" .

Charities rely on donations to continue their work. However, there are times when you may not want to refuse a charity donation request but you just have to. Here is some advice on how to say no to charity requests:

How to say no to charity tip #1

First, you should have a clear set of rules about giving that will make it easier for you to identify which charities you can support or, in other words, when to say no. If you feel guilty about this, do not. It is perfectly all right to set limits on your charity giving.
You can choose to support only the charities that you personally identify or sympathize with. If you are a business organization, donating to charities that buy your products or use your services is only fair.

How to say no to charity tip #2

Set aside a fixed amount for charity donations. You can donate monthly, every three months or once a year depending on what our budget will allow. Do not feel pressured to give big donations either. While they are helpful, you are free to give any amount to charity. If, for instance, the request came after you have used up your budget you can inform the requester that you may consider them the next time you donate.

How to say no to charity tip #3

For businesses, they can establish a policy where requests for donations should be in writing and given at least a month before the event. Consider only the requests that comply with this requirement. This is also effective in ensuring you only get serious donation requests.

How to say no to charity tip #4

Be direct. Do not try to come up with any excuses why you cannot make a contribution. Sometimes giving a direct no is much more effective. Let the charity representative know how you make decisions on charity giving. For instance, if you have already donated to charity up to the budget limit that you have set then simply explain this to the requester and he or she will most likely understand.

How to say no to charity tip #5

Find out what percentage of your donation will the charity use for its actual charity work. A good charity uses 60 percent or more of your donation for its charity programs and not for administrative costs. If the charity uses your donation the other way around or if the charity is hesitant in giving you information on how they will use your donation, it will be a good idea to say no.

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