Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Business That's Changing The World

Author: Brian Weston

Everything begins as a single idea, a momentary thought passing through the mind.
When the next idea that will change the world comes into your mind what will you do? Will you ignore it? Will you fear it? Will you dismiss it? Or will you believe in it?
In 2009 something passed through my mind - what if I were to form a non-profit company that actually MAKES MONEY? Is this even possible I thought?
Who would help me begin it? ...Probably nobody...
Who would invest in it? ...Definitely nobody...
How long would I have to work on it before I saw results? ... Months... years...
If given the choice between a company like mine and a traditional for-profit company, would anyone care enough to make the switch? ...I didn't know...
BUT I STARTED ANYWAY, and in that moment Dreamer.Me was born.

- The Traditional Corporation -
A traditional corporation follows a predictable path - It starts up, gets investors who risk money in the hope of getting back more money than they risked. Eventually if it's lucky it goes public and gets a whole bunch of new investors who give it more money with the hope of getting back more money than THEY invested. In the meantime the corporation provides a service to the public.
Sounds great right? The problem with this paradigm is that things like the environment, world hunger, and many other issues are never addressed by society. Sure governments can address these problems, but they have to beg for money from their citizens in the form of taxes, not to mention the fact that large multi-national corporations have in many ways taken over and corrupted most governments. In the meantime millions of people spend their day building a better television while people around the world starve and the planet's natural environments are devastated.
Unfortunately, today's modern corporation must use its profits in the endless pursuit of "making even more profits" for the benefit of their shareholders.

- The Public-Benefit Corporation -
Dreamer.Me will be different. The citizens of the world and the world itself would be our shareholders. Our board of directors are our users who help us choose how to spend the money. Our mission is to use our profits in a way which will benefit all of humankind by spending the money were it's needed most.
I call this new type of corporation a "Public Benefit For-Profit Corporation" (PBFC)
Ok, maybe the name won't catch on but hopefully the concept will... Will this be the idea that changes the world? I don't know the answer to that either, but I will enjoy finding out.

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