Thursday, March 25, 2010

Two Great Cause Events for Businesses and Consumers to Join This Week

A year ago, in March, I wrote about two great events that businesses and consumers could participate in to help support worthwhile causes: Water Week and Tap Project and Earth Hour. Once again, Unicef is hosting the Tap Project where thousands of restaurants across the country will participate during World Water Week 2010 (March 21-27).

There is still time to get your restaurant involved and register where customers of participating restaurants can donate $1 for the glass of tap water they would normally receive for free—which will go towards UNICEF providing water and sanitation to kids around the world. Customers need to log onto the Tap Project website and type in their zip code to find the nearest participating restaurant. In my area, Zao Noodle Bar in Palo Alto, is the closest.

This year, the Earth Hour event has really grown with large companies like Coca Cola, Ikea and hundreds of others supporting the event. Telstra International has made a huge donation to the WWF Earth Hour 2010 campaign. WWF has a list of suggestions for how your business can participate. Last year I mentioned that Zara, the Spanish international clothing store chain, supported Earth Hour. They have continued their support posting the "60 joins Earth Hour" badge.

These causes are so easy for any business to support-I suspect that next March I will be reporting on more and more businesses that have chosen to participate.


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