Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Sweet Victory for the Sweets Truck

Here's a great example of one business' efforts garnering a sweet reward. You might remember back in April when I profiled The Sweets Truck, one of LA's hot new food trucks, this one a "mobile cafe and bakeshop," featuring delectable cookies, cakes, brownies and espresso drinks, and benefiting LA's Schools on Wheels, as well as a host of other philanthropic groups. Well, now the Sweets Truck has been nominated in the Los Angeles division of the CLASSY Awards, and they need a little help from their friends and fans.

The CLASSY Awards, in just its second year, is an awards competition started by the San Diego-based business Stay Classy, which specializes in web-based platforms for non-profits to coordinate fundraising efforts and market themselves across the web. The competition - branches of which include San Francisco, New York, Boston, Chicago and others - honors the top philanthropic achievements in their respective cities.

And now LA's own Sweets Truck is up for Top Small Philanthropic Business of the Year. Jump right over here to cast your vote for The Sweets Truck, and learn about some other really cool philanthropic groups all around the country.


Clayton Perkins said...

This is a great example of what philanthropy can achieve. Thank you for inspiring me and my tie company.

Lalia Helmer said...

Thank you Clayton for your comment. Actually your tie company is very inspirational too and I hope other businesses can take from your example. I hope I get to post a story about it soon.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! We were voted LA's Small Philanthropic Business of the Year and have gone national ... Again, we need your vote :)