Monday, January 4, 2010

My Favorite Business Philanthropy Tweets of 2009-Part I

I love having the opportunity to post tweets about businesses that help the world in some way, since I can't write longer blog posts about all of the interesting stories that come across my desk. But twitter has it limitations in how much information I can pass on within each tweet as well as in its fleeting nature where posts may be easily missed.

There are so many businesses out there that deserve more notice of their worthwhile endeavors, so this first week of 2010 will be dedicated to posting expanded versions of my favorite business philanthropy and cause marketing tweets and retweets. Each of the stories mentioned reflect some key themes and trends in business philanthropy and cause marketing that will continue to be important in this next year and many others to come.

The actual tweets are highlighted in red. For more information please click on the link from the original source.

A rt via @writerpollock: Whole Foods debuts cause-related social marketing

Whole Foods, which I have profiled earlier this year, continues with its innovative ideas for philanthropy. This post describes the Whole Foods in-store and Facebook campaign that goes until the end of January called: "This Is My Year To...". This campaign offers consumers three choices for where they would like to focus their efforts for change and giving. Shoppers can choose to: "Know Where My Food Comes From", where funds will go to a Non-GMO Project; "Choose Organic", with the a project for increasing the market for organic food; or "Share My Plate", which provides sustainable food for needy people. Whole Foods will give $10,000 to each to the three groups, and an additional $10,000 to the group that gets the most votes on the Whole Foods Facebook Page.

RT @brokers4charity: Yumm RT @CAUSECAST , @BakingforGood,Social Entrepreneur Founds Charitable Online Cookie Company.

In this post Olivia Khalili interviews Emily Dubner, the founder of the online cookie company, Baking For Good. Dubner answers questions such as how and why she started the business, why she decided to give 15% profits to charity, the implications for profitability to the company, and how they partner with non-profits. This interview was originally posted on the blog: Intent

In lieu of layoffs in Redlands, CA. Steel employees asked to volunteer at local nonprofits. (The original link to the story is no longer available,- here is another link:

This past year California Steel Industries had asked employees to volunteer for local charities during their work hours. About 200 employees have helped out with a local charity that provides transitional housing for women and children. The company was hoping to stave off layoffs and save money by claiming these volunteer hours as a tax deduction.

Google Gives to Charity, Rather Than Sending Funky Gifts.

This story posted on NewsBlaze, was about Google sending donations to charities in lieu of the usually interesting but sometimes "funky", (as the author described it), holiday gifts to their best customers.

There is a growing personal trend to give charitable gifts for holidays, birthdays, weddings. I would love to know about any more businesses out there that have done the same as Google with their holiday gifts.

Projects in Knowledge is Brightening the Holidays for Many in Need.

Projects in Knowledge a company that develops programs in medical education, has always been involved in charitable giving. In spite of the economy this year they have increased their holiday giving to a variety of programs that serve women and children, hunger and poverty, breast cancer research, humane annual treatment and many others.

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