Monday, May 10, 2010

Airlines MakeTheir Philanthropy Soar

Whatever we all think of airlines and their customer service, their corporate philanthropy and community service programs deserve a high approval rating.

I have been fortunate to travel to some great places flying on several airlines in the last three months. This gave me the opportunity to make reservations on their websites, read their inflight magazines and turn on their inflight programming monitors.

While the airline industry has been beset with problems of their own, volcanic ash, economic crises, strikes and others, they continue to help solve problems of the less fortunate in the world by utilizing their resources and involving their customers in their philanthropic programs and can serve a model to other businesses of any size.

In the next few posts I will write about three airlines, British Air, United, and Virgin America and what they are doing to help support a variety of causes, their partnerships with non-profits and their support of local community charities. 

If you know of any other other airlines that are partnering with charities, please let us know. 
It is great to know that while we are waiting for our lost luggage to arrive, or frustrated with cancelled flights, the airlines are out there helping those a lot less fortunate.

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