Wednesday, May 12, 2010

British Airways Eco and Philanthropic Credentials

Recently I had the opportunity to fly in British Airways and read the section in their High Life magazine about their corporate philanthropy and  their "environmental credentials" as they described.

British Airways has found sports a powerful vehicle for building positive relationships with a charity and doing good for disadvantaged youth all over the world. British Airways has partnered with the non-profit, Cricket for Change. Cricket for Change brings programs to youth in 15 countries, everywhere from the inner cities in England, to war torn areas like the Gaza Strip bringing together youth from different backgrounds, including those with disabilities, to gain skills, have fun, and to build positive relationships.

Another of British Air's charities is Chain of Hope. Chain of Hope provides children in undeveloped countries that suffer from a life threatening disease with necessary corrective surgery. British Air has specifically targeted Chain of Hope's efforts in Jamaica, providing heart surgery for children with defective hearts. 

British Air supports programs across the British Airways route network with a particular focus on the areas of:
  • education and youth development
  • sustainable tourism
  • environment
  • heritage
  • support of staff-led projects 
Change for Good is another charitable program that is a partnership between British Airways and the United Nations Children’s Fund. The program engages British Airways customers and staff to donate any spare change or foreign currency that is converted by Travelex to support UNICEF’s work in 58 countries worldwide.

And while booking a flight on British Air, customers can buy carbon emission offsets that support a variety of renewable energy projects in Brazil and China.

British Airways flights reach is all over the globe and they consider the globe their community. Their charity reflects their commitment to care about these communities.

I am happy to have had the opportunity to fly with them and in some small way help them reach their environmental and philanthropic goals.

For more about  British Air's global community and conservation activities check out their Community link on British Airways Website.

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