Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Starbucks and World AIDS Day, Help Fight This Disease With A Song

I first became aware of the impact of Aids in Africa on children who had been orphaned, when I met an extraordinary women, Chellie Kew. Chellie recounted the story of how she founded the Q Fund, to help bring education to AIDS orphans in Africa. The account of the children who are shunned as a result of their family tragedies and of Chellie's personal journey to build schools for them, can be found on her website. Back when Chellie lived here, I helped her raise money towards her schools with a sponsored walk at my son's high school on Dec.1st, World AIDS Day.

Chellie has now moved to a different city and while I continue to support the QFund , every Dec.1st, I am  reminded every of the importance of eradicating this horrible disease in the world.

Starbucks and dozens of other businesses, such as the GAP, and Converse have supported the RED Campaign year round, helping to eliminate AIDS with the sale of their products.

Today Starbucks has a special promotion, a beautiful video of a performance by the The Killers. For every viewing of this video, including from this site, Starbucks will donate 5 cents to the Global Fund to help fight AIDS in Africa. Please watch and listen, the music is beautiful and pass this on to your friends today.

For more ways you can help fight AIDS today and to see other happenings please see:
(Blog) Red-Buy( Red),Save Lives.

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Good to hear that Starbucks is having 12 days of sharing on World AIDS Day. I also like the song and this is a really good idea. Thanks for putting it up on here!