Thursday, March 17, 2011

Businesses Turning Lights Off To Support Earth Hour

Businesses all around the world are turning off their lights and urging others to do so for Earth Hour 2011, Sat March 26th.
As a consumer, I think it's great to do simple everyday tasks and encounter businesses that are contributing to important causes and creating public awareness. While getting money at my local Wells Fargo ATM,  I saw their message about the actions they will take in support of Earth Hour 2011.

For the last two years in March we have been posting a message about Earth Hour urging individuals organizations and businesses to participate.

This is such a simple and easy way to have a company show social responsibility without a huge outlay of expense or even effort, yet it sends a message to employees and customers that every little bit of effort can help the planet.

                   Here are some ideas for your company can adopt for Earth Hour 2011.  
  • Power off all your computers for the weekend so that they are not running during Earth Hour.
  • Set your timers for your lights to turn off in your place of business at that hour.
  • Turn off any outdoor electrical signage for that hour.
  • If your business is normally open during those times, host a special candlelight event for customers and clients during that hour.
  • Raise awareness through your website and other social media.
  • Post a virtual lantern on your facebook page and on your website. (See how to get your lantern below)
  • Collaborate with other businesses to sponsor a candlelight vigil in your community.

For more ideas on how your business can support Earth Hour check out and make your own lantern below.

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