Tuesday, March 8, 2011

An International Women's Day Salute To Women Entrepreneurs Who Give

While the percentage of women to men that own their own small business in the United States has grown to 36%  social venture businesses may even have a higher percentage.  Social venture experts like Christina Jordan, an Ashoka Fellow, consider social entrepreneurship to be an exceptionally suitable fit for women as they tend to be more caring about issues and more philanthropic, and see their work as an extension of  how they think and feel.

Today is International Women's Day celebrating the advancement of women around the world in all facets of their life. This year's specific theme is: Equal access to education, training and science and technology: Pathway to decent work for women. There are many events scheduled all over the world and throughout all of March that focus not only the designated topic for this year but on celebrating many topics about women.

For my topic, I choose to honor my favorite women entrepreneurs who have started businesses with the intent of giving back to either local or global causes. 

Tonia Irion co-founder of e-Cycle which buys cell-phones from companies, recycles and restores them for re-sale. In addition they offer companies the opportunity to give back their proceeds to a designated charity. 

Molly Taylor  founder of The Sweet Trucks, an LA bakery on wheels which donates a portion of profits to local charities such as Meals on Wheels and others. A Sweet Victory For SweetTrucks

Two women, Lauren Bush and Ellen Gustafson who founded FEED, have created fun, canvas bags as well as an expanded line of accessories. that help provide children with healthy meals in collaboration with the UN WFP and Unicef. FEED Keeps Its Promise.

Michelle Abrams of Inspire Notes, an online retailer of stationary items with inspiring messages. with Proceeds of sales are donated to cancer research a cause of personal importance to Michelle. 

Karen Trilevsky uses the profits from her baking company, FullBloom Bakery, to help students who primarily come from immigrant parents and are the first ones to go to college. Baking Company Helps Kids Bloom

Kathy Miner, started a philanthropic business, A Miner Miracle Shop to support  and house its namesake non-profit. A Miner Miracle. helps dress low-income men and women  and helps support them in job search. A Miner Miracle on Union Square.

Janae Jaynes creator of  Brokers for Charity , a referral service that pairs commercial and residential with with the goal of donating 10% of the agent’s commission to a charity of the client’s choice.  Brokers For Charity Helping to Change the World One Property at a Time 

 WebsitesGiveB@ck  a mother and daughter company, Elena Patrice and Linda Saker that offers creative and affordable web design for small businesses, donate  20% of the proceeds of each  project to a designated charity of the client's choosing . Charitable Designs

Help support these women in their endeavors to change the world and give back on this International Women's Day, this month, or any day of the year.



Elena said...

Lalia, I was just coming to check out all that was good on your blog (need my weekly fix!;)) and here is this awesome post with awesome women entrepreneurs written by awesome you! And... you include WGB?! Wow, how humbling!

First, I'm so thrilled to learn of these wonderful women and their visions! Second, just thank you ... thank you for considering us worthy to be in such company.

Kindness always, Elena

Transcription Services said...

I would like to add one more name for the salutation i.e. Dora Elizabeth Robertson Armitage Cooke. Salute to the lady for introducing typewriting as profession.

Lalia Helmer said...

Thanks for the interesting note about Dora-what a long name she has. It always fun and interesting to learn about women who are pioneers.