Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fooling Around With CSR

Whole Foods has always been on the cutting edge of creative ways to give back to the community and help promote sustainability and social responsibility. Today's posts on their website feature some great new ideas such as Insects Raised With Compassion.

I searched back through other companies that we have featured here to see whether they too have advanced their philanthropy and CSR on this day. My links are to my former posts about them.

Here are some the best:
Campbell's Soup now has: Help Grow Your Own Soup Can program. Campbell's has come up with a truly environment solution to waste from aluminum cans. For one dollar Campbell's will send you a packet of ground up aluminum that you can plant and grow your cans to use for your home grown vegetables.

Go Daddy changes name to Go Mommy as a  marketing strategy to attract more women customers and in order to change their corporate giving program to Go Mommy Cares, knowing that women give more to charity than men.

Panera's pay as you go restaurants,The St Louis Bread Company, has come up with the ultimate charity program: Pay the Customer What They Want, for the privilege of eating at their restaurants.

New York based Bake Me A Wish, has expanded their offerings include women jumping out of their cakes. For every cake bought they will still donate a portions of the sale plus the woman's tips to designated causes.

Socks for Happy People has created a charitable foundation called, Socking It To Happy People, for all those people who just wish they could wipe off that smile off of all those disgustingly happy people. Socks for Happy People will send every person who posts a story to their website of how they managed to make someone miserable, a pair of their socks made in Mongolia from camel's hair .

Give Something Back is truly living up to their name and has a created a charitable return policy for their office products. For every product returned  they will refund the full amount plus a give a donation to your favorite charity.

I am glad that April 1st only comes once a year, so these businesses can go back to doing their best in philanthropy and CSR the rest of the year. :)

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