Friday, August 19, 2011

Where Good Deeds Are Always In Style

High, a website that features very cool stories about trendy retail with a focus on e-commerce has provided fashion aficionadas with philanthropic tendencies with ever more reason to buy from their favorite designers.

As they wrote to me: "Trends may come and go, but a good deed’s always in style.  The cheese factor of that statement aside, it’s true — which is why we saw fit to compile the best philanthropic initiatives coming from the fashion industry.  These are endeavors seeking to improve a variety of issues, from domestic violence to AIDS to the lack of clean drinking water in many countries. "

You can check out their gallery in their story, 7 Philanthropic Leaders in the Fashion Industry  to learn more about how some standout retailers are making an effort and how consumers can be become part of these initiatives.

Included in this gallery are (of course the well known to our readers,) TOMS Shoes, as well as: Donna Karan's Urban Zen Project; Edun, founded on the commitment to encourage trade with Africa, Liz Clairborne's Love is Not Abuse Program; Giorgio Armani's Acqua For Life, Marc Jacob's Aid for Aids Charity Tee Shirts, and Diane von Furstenburg who supports an array of causes and non-profits.

Not only are good deeds always in style, but never has looking good and doing good felt better.

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