Friday, August 21, 2009

The Charitable Face of Business

Author: Rajat Kapoor

Businessmen are tough. They are selfish and strong hearted. They only think of their profit. They can do anything to be successful and achieve success. Well, many of us think so and many of us know there are exceptions, quite a lot. Abhishek Kapoor is one such exception. Abhishek Kapoor is a businessman, a successful one. He has come up through the difficult times to achieve success in his business and still he owes it all to the society. He says that he has learned the tricks of business by studying, following and copying some great business success stories. So whatever success he has got is because of the society which gave him all the learning. Abhishek doesn't stop there though. After being successful himself, he wants to return back to the society what he has achieved from it and so he wrote a book called Super Biz Buzz which describes all his learning in terms of stories. These stories talk about some great marketing strategies some of the really successful businesses used to achieve success themselves. Not only he wants to help the people through his excellent book, the money he earns by selling this book, he donates 80% of it to various charities. He has not kept any affiliate program and instead of giving money to affiliates, he saves it to give to charity. Though, he is giving affiliate membership to only 50 people so as to promote his book. He feels that due to recession people have stopped donating. People want their every penny to be saved and they want to limit the expenditures to the "useful" things only. And charity is not one of them. So he has taken a step, so that people can invest in so called "useful" thing and still money keeps flowing to charities. This is just a step though. Abhishek has taken an initiative, you need to follow him. On his sales page, he has requested his customers that if they don't want to spend money on his book, they should give it to charity.He has given the link of CRY foundation on his sales page. Through his book, he also wants to help the people who have faced the wrath of recession, by making them realize that success can be achieved at any point in life, you just need to be courageous and should have the ability to take some bold decisions. It is difficult to find a social worker in the face of a businessman and Abhishek Kapoor is one such person. Lets support Abhishek's campaign...

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Rajat Kapoor is an expert Internet Marketer and Businessman. He is also an active blogger and writer. He is actively involved in various Internet Marketing activities and promotions.

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