Friday, January 14, 2011

Seven Ways Small Business Can Adopt a Socially Responsibile Attitude

As Winston Churchill once said:
"Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference."

Last week we posted an article about bringing a green attitude to the workplace. Thinking about ways to make your workplace more green is not only of benefit to your business it is also a great way to kick start your thinking about what responsibilities your company has to society in general and what aspects of social responsibility your business can implement.    

Okay, so having a green attitude -that seems doable. But, as a small businesses you may be scared off from  the idea of engaging in the larger concept of Corporate Social Responsibility. That would involve taking on  changes that could overwhelm you at this time. Yet, it is easy and doable for your small business to show that you care about local community needs without having to create big formal programs. Just like having a green attitude, all that you need to start is a Socially Responsible Attitude.

Here are seven areas where a small business can easily adopt a socially attitude that does not require a big commitment. And you can start with any one area and build up to adopting the others -gradually.

  1. Make a commitment to behave ethically in all your business practices.
  2. Pay attention to your local community needs and find ways to help out with philanthropy and volunteering.
  3. Be conscientious of the impact to the environment of your day to day operations.
  4. Adopt civic-mindedness. Participate in your local government particularly in the activities that have an impact on the business community and the environment.
  5. Contribute to economic development of your community as well as your own business, by joining local business associations and helping other businesses prosper.
  6. Focus on the well-being of your employees by providing a healthy, non-discriminatory workplace that treats employees fairly and that provides opportunities for growth and development.
  7. Treat your customers with respect, engage them in helping the environment and with supporting local causes.
Once a business adopts a mindset, an attitude, a way of looking and thinking about how it does business in a socially responsible way, small changes will come. Those changes will add up to making a big difference to the profitability of your business, to the benefit of your community and to the environment.


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Read your previous go green in office article by which I have already started taking small steps in my company. As the previous one this article is again a good one to go for. Though I follow almost all the steps but thanks for reminding the minor ones too.

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