Sunday, January 30, 2011

House Of Marley's Triple Bottom Line Is Jammin' With You

"One love, one heart. Let's get together and feel alright."
Those lyrics, written by Bob Marley and Curtis Mayfield, could be a serious contender for the most famous ever written, right? Now Marley's family is continuing his vision of peace and love via a bold, vibrant business venture called The House of Marley, a line of branded music products inspired by the iconic singer-songwriter.

The product line, founded on Marley's trademark "love of people, love of the earth," is guided by four principles. First, their products are designed for superior quality. The House of Marley's flagship products include several lines - dubbed Jammin', Freedom and Destiny - of top-quality headphones, earbuds and docks, all exhibiting a flair for Marley funk, and built for long-term durability.
Second, everything is sustainably sourced. All House of Marley products utilize recyclable aluminum and plastics, and the wood is certified by the FSC, or Forest Stewardship Council, guaranteeing the trees were harvested via the highest standards of sustainability.

Third, the House of Marley is cause-minded. To that end, the Marley family formed a sister organization, 1Love, an organization that "puts Bob's beliefs into action" by partnering with charitable groups around the world, including the United Nations Environment Programme, the environmental wing of the UN, Charity: Water, a non-profit geared toward bringing potable water to developing countries, and The African Leadership Academy, designed to train the next generation of leaders from each of the fifty-four African nations.

Finally, the products are waste conscious, designed to keep their recyclable packaging and parts out of the waste stream. The House of Marley also encourages customers to donate their old headphones to be repurposed, thereby keeping them out of landfills.

Jump on over and check some of the fun features of both their site and the business, including the YouTube Drum Circle, the first of many interactive music experiments the House of Marley will be coordinating. This one features a soundboard of sorts that allows you to mix and match together your own drum circle beat to upload to the Internet.

With style, a strong sense of mission, and of course a love of music, The House of Marley is bringing back Bob's vision.

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