Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bring The Green Attitude To Your Workplace

By Lisa Markum

Going green has become trendy in homes and in work environments. If you haven't caught on to this trend, it's time! This article will give you some great ideas of how to make your work environment go green. More and more work places are doing it as it helps build a better vibe in the work place and is helping the earth.

It's not an easy process to make the changes and it doesn't happen over night. With that said there's nothing wrong with going slow and make small changes to start the process.

In order to start this process, come up with a plan on where you want to begin. Start to build awareness in the work environment so people know there are going to be some changes made. Everyone's in on it together and you will all feel great about yourselves.

A good place to start is paper! We all know where paper comes from and how it's been harming the earth for many years. Most of us probably don't think about this on a daily basis, but it's the truth! Change the paper you're using!

There are many paper companies out there, so if your paper company in the office isn't ethical then find another. The first thing you should find out is if they're part of the forest certification program. Paper companies that are a part of this group make an effort to practice with higher ethical standards. You can find this on their website or by calling and asking for documentation.

Are you using recycled paper? Most packages of paper will indicate if it's recycled or not. Many paper companies use post consumer products and make paper from it. The higher the percentage of the recycled goods, the better!

If you're printing fliers, mailers or any other form of materials, look for vegetable based ink. This type of ink uses liquid from soy beans. Soy beans are very easy to grow and have been proven to release minimal greenhouse gases during their development.

Making the office a greener environment is a great idea! Employees will all love it and you will all feel great about helping the earth. Good luck!

This author loves the earth and is often found spreading her concern. In addition to writing about the environment, she also writes about home renovations and lighting. She recently wrote about bath lights and bath light fixtures.

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Arman said...

This is actually a great topic you're touching on here... I think "going green" is not only good for the environment but for the business itself.

Recycled paper, for example, is cheaper than regular paper. So you'll end up adding money to your bottom line AND you're helping to better the planet.

And you can even collect all of your bottles and cans in the office and use the money you'd get from recycling them to buy everyone lunch or something like that... assuming that you'll get enough money back from recycling. lol

Great post...

Lalia Helmer said...

Thanks Arman for your great green suggestions for the workplace. It is amazing that when one stops to look around how many possibilities there are for recycling, and conserving energy.
Some states do offer money for recycled bottles-but not California where I am.
Thanks for posting a comment.

Anne Shaw said...

Wow ! That is a brilliant start for going green. Loved the ideas and will definitely try implying it as soon as possible. Was very much aware of the recycled paper but never heard of the ink. Thank you so much once again for sharing it with us. I will pass it to all the I know for sure.