Monday, February 21, 2011

How Small Businesses Can Light Up on International Philanthropy Day

This Mon, Feb 28th is International Corporate Philanthropy Day (ICPD) organized by the CECP, Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy. The purpose of CECP is to help recognize the important role of business in society, and while its membership is offered to large corporations engaging in both local and global philanthropy, small businesses can take example and ideas from this organization for their own philanthropic initiatives.

The Empire State building and other tall buildings and landmarks across the country will be lit in the blue and green colors of  CECP on ICPD, and representatives of CECP will ring the bell at the New York Stock Exchange.

Why not have any company or business organization in any community toll a bell, put up blue and green lights, and honor International Corporate Philanthropy Day!


While the membership of CECP  consists of large corporations and their corporate giving programs such as: General Mills, Intel, Western Union and many others, the goals of CECP is to have these companies set an example for others. The tradition of inspiring others to give began  when Paul Newman founded the fledgling enterprise Newman's Own. As his company grew so did the charitable giving, involving a number of other companies that participated in Newman's Own's projects.

Eventually in 1988, Paul Newman started CECP with the goal and mission, as stated on their site: " to inspire and challenge today’s business leaders to find innovative ways to fulfill unmet social needs, to lead the way towards better alignment of business and social strategies, and to serve as business ambassadors of inspiring business leaders".

There is just as many examples of the philanthropy and giving of small companies in local communities and examples of innovation that are solving local social needs, as there are of large corporations. It has been our mission  here at Business That Cares, to highlight the best of them.


There are many opportunities and suggestions for companies to take advantage of on International Corporate Philanthropy Day on CECP's site. These suggestion's are equally suitable for both large and small companies.
    • Join peers in your community for collaborative philanthropic activities.
    • Tell your company's story about your philanthropic initiatives, by publicising and communicating  with the public.
    • Post your company's support of causes on your website or through social media.
    • Display banners or posters of the charities that you give to at your business.
    • Recognize your employees that have volunteered for a cause.
    • Engage your entire company in a planning session for your philanthropic programs.
    • Set up a grant program for non profits to apply to.
    • Plan a charity fair in your community. 
    In addition, ICPD can be a great day to have your business employees volunteer for a worthy cause, whether it is local or a more global one. 

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        Elena Patrice said...

        You post the best stuff Lalia! What a great job you do to bring attention to such worthiness!

        I was not aware of this particular day or familiar with the organization (shame on me!). Makes me want to be in NYC! Waaah! Well if we can light up blue and green, let's get out some "spring-y" little items and dress the part! ;)

        I'll be sure to tweet and FB about this a few times between now and Friday.

        Abundant thanks as always!

        Much kindness, Elena

        Lalia Helmer said...

        Thanks Elena for your great support!
        But hold the blue and green. Gosh I need to check my calender! Feb. 28th is Mon, not Fri. and I have corrected that fact on the post.
        So- all the rest still holds true and it gives people more time to think about what they can do.