Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Should Your Business Have a Philanthropy Program?

Have you thought that maybe you would like your business to give back to the community, but are not sure whether it would be worth it and you could do it well? Before you begin to invest your time energy and money, you need to answer some key questions.

Do you know which cause or organization would be most meaningful for you to support?
Do you know how to judge the credibility of the organizations that you would like to support?
Do you know how much you are able to contribute in time or money or other resources?
Do you know how to engage your employees in your business philanthropy program?
If you do not have the funds to contribute, can you help raise money in other ways such as through your customers or the general public?
Do you have a way of communicating your support of a charity that will get publicity for the cause and for your business?

Answering these questions is helpful before you engage your business in any philanthropic endeavors. Knowing what is important to you, understanding your key objectives, what your resources are, and how to engage others, is essential to establishing a plan for your business philanthropy.

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