Monday, March 23, 2009

Why Business That Cares

There is a movement afoot. More and more people and organizations are concerned with helping the world around them, either locally or globally. While the economy is weakening and businesses are trying to find ways of surviving, contributions for worthy causes are decreasing and social needs are rising. It is increasingly more important for businesses to come up with innovative ways to utilize their resources for philanthropy.

Welcome to "Business That Cares" where we will be featuring stories about businesses of all sizes that care about their community both locally and globally and the ways they are making a difference.Our hope will be that this inspires other businesses to develop creative and inventive ways to help the world around them. I also will be sharing tips, strategies, and methods for identifying the causes and charities that a business would like to support, how to engage others to contribute to the cause, and how to be creative with the ideas and execution.

I welcome businesses to post their stories about the innovative ideas they are using for solving problems in the world and to participate in a dialog with others about this very important subject.

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