Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Brokers for Charity, Helping To Change the World One Property At a Time

Buying a house or business property can do more than help your family or your business, when it is sold through a broker from Brokers for Charity. Brokers for Charity is a registered LLC with the Arizona Department of Real Estate dedicated to giving back. Owner and designated broker, Janae Jaynes-Learned admired the concept started by actor Paul Newman, in which consumer products aptly named “Newman’s Own®” raised awareness as well as money for groups in need. This concept has extended into the Real Estate market by donating 10% of the referral agent’s commission to a charity of the client’s choice once the transaction closes. Janae explains, “It came from my own desire to have more socially responsible choices and from my motivation to provide these same choices to others.”
Brokers for Charity is a referral service that pairs agents dealing in both residential and commercial properties in the US and Canada with clients. Choosing this service does not add any additional charge to the buyer or seller, but allows them to make a positive impact in their community. The idea is that although the agent is taking a cut in their pay, they are gaining more clients while giving back to their community.
This dedicated consortium of real estate professionals show their dedication to giving back with each sale they close. When asked what she believed was the most important aspect of successfully running a philanthropic business plan, Janae Jaynes-Learned replied, “I think Mahatma Gandhi said it best, ‘You must be the change you wish to see in the world’” and so far she has taken all the right steps to do just that.
For more information please contact them at www.brokersforcharity.com

by Lauren Partain

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