Thursday, June 18, 2009

Town and Country Magazine Scoops Business Philanthropy

I just picked up a copy of Town and Country Magazine’s latest Special Philanthropy Issue at my local grocery store. Town and Country Magazine has been around since 1846 featuring stories about fashion, society, travel. They have monthly columns that feature fundraising galas across the country where society folks are pictured attending these events.
The June issue of Town and Country has dedicated the entire magazine to the subject of philanthropy. Yes, the fundraising galas are there, but there is so much more. The issue has wonderful articles about subjects such as teaching children about philanthropy, travel to endangered places, stories about women philanthropists like Jennifer Buffet (Warren Buffet’s daughter -in -law) and others, helping women around the world create better lives for themselves and their families.

Town and Country has also featured business philanthropy, (which is my main focus) in the sophisticated worlds of fashion, cosmetics, wine and design, where looking good and doing good merge to help worthy causes.
In Their “ Must Haves With a Mission” and “Designs for Giving” they write about :
-Clothing and accessories by such well know designers Nannette LePore, Gucci and Magaschoni, who donate a percentage of proceeds from the sale of designated dresses, shoes, sweaters, and purses to a variety of non-profits such as Greenpeace and Unicef .
-Jewelry designers such as Jennifer Meyer, Montblanc and Alex Woo and so many others, that donate a percent of proceeds from the sale of designated necklaces and bracelets to causes like Charity Water and World Wildlife Fund.
-Cosmetics from companies like Origins, Crabtree and Evelyn, and Philosophy, that include everything from scented candles, to hairwash, body scrubs and face serums, and donate proceeds to charities or support specific foundations.

Businesses that make people feel good about themselves not only by looking good but by doing good seem to be proliferating. When magazines like Town and Country start to feature them, trends in fashion may come and go, but the trend to do good and look good is here to stay.

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