Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Give Free Advertising To Your Cause

So you think that because your business cannot afford to give much to charity there's nothing you can do? Think again, there are plenty of resources that you already have that you can use to make a positive contribution to a charity.

One company, eCompliments is offering their website as an advertising vehicle to charities.
"Through their ongoing initiative, eCompliments is offering free advertising for approved charities through banner ads on their site as well as through what eCompliments has coined as ECN advertising. ECN stands for Email Compliment Notification. When a compliment is made on the website an ECN is delivered to the profile owner (typically the business owner or manager) showing the compliment given. Just below this compliment is the ECN text ad."
eCompliments COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., June 23 /PRNewswire/ -- eCompliments is an online review and referral site whose mission is to share the good(TM).

eCompliments hopes that other businesses will be inspired by this idea. Businesses and charities can participate with them when they use eCompliments.

It's great way to promote your business through eCompliments, and now you can help promote a charity too. But you can also do this on your own. Why not post the banners, advertise or raise money for a favorite charity on your website? The charities will be grateful for any additional support that comes their way.

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