Monday, June 1, 2009

Kids Don’t Just Wear Jeans, They Turn Them Into “Buckle My Jean” Bags

Is there a new generation out there that can teach the world about business philanthropy?

Social entrepreneurs are popping up everywhere even amongst adolescents. This story was too inspirational to pass up writing about.

In my neighboring town, the Mountain View Voice, the local paper in Mountain View, CA, published an inspiring story about four seventh graders at the Girls Middle School. This is a photo of the bag from the paper.

The girls were assigned a project in their entrepreneurship class to start a small business venture with $100.00. They had to follow all the protocols of starting a business: creating the product, pitching their ideas, developing a business plan, and obtaining licenses. Four seventh graders, Jamie Bindon, Rachael Rappoport, Maggie Brown and Jaime McConachie wanted to design a product that was eco-friendly. They came up with the idea of using old jeans and belts that they bought from a local consignment shop and sewing them together into bags.

The profits they made from selling 130 of these bags went to non-profits of their choice. The first non-profit , Senior Coastsiders, a thrift store that raises money for local senior services, was the very place that the girls bought their jeans from. The girls also chose to give the remainder of their profits to Habitat for Humanity.

Their motto: "We've got your jeans in the bag" was easy to come up with. They not only have the jeans in a bag, but the future in their hands.

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Hello there! My name is Jamie Bindon, I'm one of the founders of the company you wrote about. We just wanted to let you know that we appreciate you writing about our company. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at or email me at