Thursday, April 2, 2009

Clothes For You That Help the World

Armonk, NY (PRWEB) April 2, 2009 -- launches using new technology to revolutionize the worlds of fashion and philanthropy. is a new Brand for a new era. The Boomerang logo represents caring, concern and action for others.'s customers are members. They pick the clothes they want and then the cause they want those clothes to support. Boomerang's technology lets Corporate partners make a donation to the specific cause on the clothes when they are scanned at a partner store or event or B-scanned by a friend's cell phone.
Ongoing Support For Your Cause and Ongoing Rewards For's Partners not only support the members specific cause but help reward them with merchant discounts, points and prizes.'s goal is a community of likeminded individuals and companies who help each other while helping others.
The Mission of is to get everyone into the game of giving and keep them playing. For customers that means giving them a wide variety of clothing to choose from and letting them personalize it with the cause they support and with their name or initials. keeps them playing by helping them progress through "Levels of Support" which are displayed right on their products, earning Boomerang points, voting on additional causes and offering a constantly changing variety of rewards, partner promotions and new clothing items. Earning ongoing donations for their cause and rewards for themselves encourages Boomerang members to wear their clothes on a more frequent basis and that helps raise awareness for their cause.'s Corporate partners get recognition all over the website, in mailings, and with the newest technology on members cell phones. Most importantly, Boomerang members support and patronize companies that support the causes they care most about.
Charities get financial support, links to their websites and other educational sites, exposure to new demographic groups and an army of support.
Foundations, Individuals and Companies get their donations multiplied 3 or 4 times through the "Boomerang Effect"'s initial causes are:Global Warning; For our planetSupport them Home; For our troopsKatrina Relief; For our people
Additional causes are being voted on including, Parkinsons, Diabetes, MS, Autism and Breast Cancer, and social causes such as World hunger, Education, Domestic Violence and Wildlife protection.
'Even in these harder times we still need clothes,' said David Nichols, Founder, "Why not clothing that gets you discounts, earns you rewards and supports your favorite cause." "And if our clothes have to make a statement about us, let it be that we care about something larger than ourselves.
Press discounts available.
For further informationContact:Gene LaVigne or David NicholsBoomerang.org914-205-3279

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