Monday, April 20, 2009

Putting a Face on Your Business Philanthropy

Have you signed up your business to be part of a fundraiser? Have you and your employees volunteered to walk or run for a charity? Now you can have buttons that are printed up with the face of a specific person that you would like pay tribute to.

A company in Charlotte NC, Buttons of Hope, sells custom buttons for the purpose of charities and fundraisers to make their volunteering more personal and to energize, motivate and inspire people.

Originally, Mike Gibbons made a button for a cancer run that he did a few years ago supprting a friend of his. The idea caught on and Buttons of Hope” started as a nonprofit. But with sales increasing the idea seemed more suitable as a social venture. Their mission is “to spread inspiration, one button at a time”.
Any business can order buttons for their cause. Why not include your customers and clients by giving them one too. Inspiration can be spread throughout the community, many buttons at a time.

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