Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Vote For The Business With Most Promise

BusinessWeek is holding a competition online for America's Most Promising Entrepreneurs that are making a profit and a difference.
From now until April 26, you can take a look each of the 25 ventures profiled in their slide show, and vote for the business you feel holds the most promise.

The nominated mission-driven businesses are based on different models. Some businesses have designed innovation solutions to problems in areas of education, health, the environment. Some deal with global issues and others serve their local communities. Some donate portions of their profits others donate all of their profits.

I won't tell you my vote since I am biased. I posted the story about TOMS Shoes on my blog; I grew up in one nominee's community; and I currently live in the area of some of the other business nominees.

They are all wonderful stories and deserve to win.

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Aira Bongco said...

It seems like you really like Toms. I am wondering for I know that there are also other businesses that helps other people.