Saturday, April 25, 2009

Five Reasons Why Doing Good Helps Your Small Business Grow

Last week I attended a planning meeting at the Mountain View Chamber of Commerce for their “Shop Local” initiative. Not satisfied with the typical model of “Shop Local” efforts around the country, the planning group is adding philanthropy to the program. Using a voucher system, businesses will be able to offer a percentage of the profits from the vouchers back to the community.

The members voiced their concerns that small business owners, have a lot of heart, but have little extra profits to give away. Many felt that small business owners not aware of the benefits of a well planned giving program to the growth of their business.

So-here are five reasons that giving back to your community will help any small business grow.

1. Giving back to the community is an investment in the economic growth of your community which in turn generates more customers and clients.
2. You can use your advertising dollars more effectively. When you advertise your support for a cause you create more public awareness while creating great publicity for your business.
3. By getting involved in a local cause, you build better community relations and image of your business within the community. Customers and clients choose your business, knowing that they too are helping with the cause.
4. You build better rapport amongst your employees when they work together on a philanthropic cause.
5. You network with other businesses that support the same cause which in turn generates more leads for your business.

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