Sunday, April 5, 2009

"Shop Your Values" Through E-Bay and World of Goods

This is a copy of an ecard from that I was able to send to others.

World of Good is a marketplace on E-Bay where sellers provide products that are good for the world, the environment and communities.

"Lalia Helmer wanted to tell you about, a site where your shopping shapes the world. offers a new and easy way to show the positive impact your purchase has on people and the planet. It allows you to shop by your values for products ranging from food & clothing to art & house wares.
Check it out!
I think you will like this shopping site. They have beautiful products from all over the world and every product benefits the people who made it.
-- Lalia
Note regarding this message: Please visit us at and join thousands of others who have discovered how shopping can create positive social change for people and the planet."

Buyers can spread the word by sending cards like this (with great pictures) by e-mail.

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